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Where are you located and what is your service area?

We have showroom/warehouse facilities in both Naples, Florida and Ft Myers, Florida, and while we sell our games nationwide, our vending and rental operations concentrate on the Southwest Florida market.

Can you provide games in my place of business?

Yes, we suggest making an appointment so we can visit your place of business and decide on feasibility, selection, placement and revenue sharing arrangements.

Can coin operated games be used in the home?

Yes, coin-op games can be set on free play or have a free play button installed and just about all operate on your standard electrical outlet. In addition commercial coin-op games tend to be better quality then similar games purchase thru discount retail stores. 

Can any of the games be purchased after a rental party?

Yes, all our games are available for purchase.

What condition are your used games sold as?

All games sold are in what we call a “shopped out” condition. Shopped out means, all features electrical and/or mechanical are working 100%. Any necessary replacement parts are evaluated at this time. Cosmetically the game is made to look the best it can. Depending on the game a variety of cleaning, waxing and prepping procedures will take place. Any body work and/or painting will also be done. After this, the game will be burned in (left on and played for a period of time) to ensure working condition.

What type of warranty will I receive on my purchased game?

New games come will the manufacturers warranty which will range anywhere from 90 days to a year depending on the game. Our used games come with a 90 day part warranty and free phone support. It is also important to note, we will service any game purchased from us for as long as you own it!

Can I purchase a game not listed on your website?

Yes, our inventory changes daily. In addition, we have approximately 1300 games in operation on our vending route as well as many other resources to look for specific games not listed on our website.

How long will it take to receive a game purchased?

Generally, a game purchased from our inventory can be delivered in the three county area of Southwest Florida (Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties) within a week time. Out of area and special order items will usually take 2-3 weeks to get to their destination.

Is there setup or assembly required on my purchased game?

Again, if purchased in our Southwest Florida territory(Collier, Lee, Charlotte counties), we will deliver and set up with no addition charges (unless special circumstances exits). With games shipped, we do everything possible to make a game easy to install, however some will need simple setup procedures. It is recommended that you contact us prior to delivery to discuss any install procedures and/or game dimension questions.

What type of payments do you accept?

At this time we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express credit cards, Paypal, Money orders and certified bank checks

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